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Monday, August 15, 2011

Edits and Synopsis

The month of July has zoomed by, as well as half of August. I had hoped to get a lot of things accomplished.... Well, one thing I have been consistent with working on, is editing my historical fiction novel. The main bulk of edits is accomplished at this point. There still is some fine tuning to do. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be finished. I can always find a word to change or improve upon. At some point I'll have to stop and say, "It's as good as I'm going to get it." :) I've heard back from my critique group and they have enjoyed my story. Always good to hear! :) Now I need to go through all the specifics of the things they suggested to improve upon.

In the next few weeks I need to come up with a synopsis of said manuscript. In other words, condense my novel down to no more than three pages. Whew! I think my work is cut out for me! :) Oh, and then there's the thing of working on lesson plans for my son's final homeschool senior year. At some point we need to start school too. So I'm praying for strength and wisdom in the next several weeks as I finalize my novel and eventually start homeschool.

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