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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Choosing to Take a Break

I admit, I've been stressing ever since we returned from our vacation to Maine. We had a wonderful time away and I was able to obtain a lot of information for the historical fiction book I'm writing. I didn't have any time to write while we were gone, or since we've returned.

We've had a killer schedule, with something going on every day since we came home. I don't do well in that type of situation. All I could think about was all the things that needed to get accomplished, and I wasn't getting anywhere. Each day seemed to have its own minor dilemmas that occurred, putting me further and further behind schedule with my writing and also with Christmas preparations.

Today over lunch with a friend, she suggested I take a break from writing and not stress over it. She said to concentrate on what I need (want) to get accomplished for Christmas. Duh! Why didn't I think of that?! Sometimes I keep beating my head against the wall until someone comes along and shows you a better way of doing things. Go figure!

So I've decided to spend the rest of this month researching and reading all the materials I purchased in Maine about the area I'm writing, in between preparation for Christmas. I choose to give myself permission to relax and not stress so much.

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