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"Write this down for the next generation so people not yet born will praise God." Psalm 102:18

"Write my answer on a billboard, large and clear, so that anyone can read it at a glance and rush to tell the others." Habakkuk 2:2

Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Than A Good Read

I have been busy trying to finish a book I'm reading before next week. It is entitled The Last Christian by David Gregory. Why the need to finish it by next week? I need to blog a book review and post it by then. I am finding the book to be an interesting read.

As I am getting older, I find that I am a bit more selective in the things that I pick up and read. When it comes to reading fiction, if I find the book easy to put down after reading a few chapters, there is a good chance that I won't finish it. I am looking for more than just a good read. I desire a book that sometimes challenges, encourages, inspires, and enlightens. All right, perhaps that is a bit much when reading fiction, but I think it is doable.

All this to say.... this is something that I hope to be able to write - books that are more than just a good read. There are a few fiction novels that I have read through the years that I have felt changed me. That is my desire - to write so that it touches the hearts of women, and inspires them to a deeper level of faith.

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