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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plugging Along

I had high hopes for the week with a goal of 7200 words. Many changes of plans have occurred along the way. Our schedule has been busy with physical therapy three times a week, as well as other appointments thrown in from time to time. The week started out crazy with having my eyes dilated and not being able to see clearly the rest of the day - definitely not able to read a computer screen to work on my novel.

Then a wrinkle occurred while writing my novel - knowing where I want to head, but not sure which path to take. It meant stepping back from the writing process to look more into my research and consulting my buddies through 19th Century Writers for help with specifics for historical writing and time period questions. I'm satisfied with the decision I made, but it will require some minor tweaking of dates within my manuscript to keep consistent with actual history. I'm a stickler for keeping things as accurate as possible. I decided to cut myself some slack, and even allow myself to change the birth date of my main character.

Even though I've only written about 200 words this week, I do feel satisfied with the progress I've made, even though most has been minor details that only I would notice. I feel encouraged as I have the next two days to pound out words on my keyboard. I also managed to complete my writing assignment which is due tomorrow. Whew! Now I can concentrate on what matters most to me - getting my novel completed.

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