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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flat Characters

I recently have been in contact with a young lady in Michigan, who also has an interest in lighthouses, as well as writing. We have exchanged several conversations back and forth, sharing information and interests. It has been exciting and encouraging.

In one of her emails, she was sharing about her own writing, and how involved she can get with her characters. This thought has continued to remain with me, and also stir up memories of the two books that I have written already. I remember the excitement of creating these past characters.

While researching on Friday, I was very energized, as I started to form in my own mind how the town of Camden looked in 1880. I had the names of streets, and could picture my character walking on them. But then I realized that at this point, I still have flat characters that are stuck on the paper. I know the plot and even some of the subplots, but still don't know the individuals in my story.

I have a real general view of what they are like, my characters. But I have chosen not to breathe life into them yet, by learning all of the subtle idiosyncrasies that compose them. I know that once they are created, they will live on in my mind, as if they were real people.

I remember when I was in my early 20's, and was writing my first historical fiction book. Each day I was eager to get on the computer to discover what my characters were doing. Sometimes they even surprised me.

Someday soon I will take that step to move those flat characters into being living, breathing, and moving ones that live on in my imagination. Perhaps someday I can introduce them to you.

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