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"Write this down for the next generation so people not yet born will praise God." Psalm 102:18

"Write my answer on a billboard, large and clear, so that anyone can read it at a glance and rush to tell the others." Habakkuk 2:2

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun Day

I am weary today, so don't know how much actual planning I will get accomplished. I had a neat surprise this morning though. We were out and about and happened to stop by a yard sale at a local church. I was tired and ready to head home, but my husband wanted to stop.

When we went inside, I quickly browsed through the tables, eager to be on our way. I noticed from a distance that the books were half price. I was on the lookout for possible items on lighthouses. What surprised me even more, was that I found ten books on writing, predominantly fiction writing. I spent a whopping $4.60 for all ten of these. I also found some Christian fiction books that I picked up for research - sentence structure, dialogue, etc. What a blessing when I least expected it!

I just love the way God brings good things into our lives when we are following Him. Now I know that we also face struggles and difficult times too, but He also longs to bless us. I am feeling mighty blessed today!

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